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Welcome to the De Soto Area Council!
Service Center Hours
8-6 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
8-5 Wednesday
Phone: 870-863-5166

Across the country, millions of Scouts rely on support from the National Boy Scouts of America to provide the world-class programming and training that makes Scouting the nation's foremost youth program.


The National BSA is funded directly by the membership fee you pay when you register to be a Scout or leader. In order to maintain their support of local Scouting, the national organization has announced an increase in their annual membership fee from $15 to $24 effective January 1, 2014.


These funds are used to:

Develop program materials and resources.

  • Deliver training for professional Scouters and volunteer leaders.
  • Provide a safe environment for Scouts with the most effective youth protection policies and systems.
  • Maintain infrastructure support for local Council's such as membership and advancement databases.

The annual membership fee is the only direct cost from the National BSA to youth and adult members. All other services from the National BSA are without additional charge. Scouting remains the best value among the many activities your family could choose to take part in. Even with this fee increase, it only costs $2 per month to be part of the once-in-a-lifetime adventures and leadership development programs you can only find in Scouting.


As always, our focus is to build the leaders of this country by combining adventure, educational activities, and lifelong values. This fee increase ensures that the National BSA will be able to continue providing the excellent services you and your family count on - and will make sure that we can continue doing great things for the young people and communities we serve.


For questions about the National BSA membership fee, please consult with the volunteer Scouter that serves as your unit commissioner or Hugh Bragg or myself.






BSA Prepaid Discover Card

Scouts Safety number 1



Welcome to the Adventure of Scouting!

Every school year we, the De Soto Area Council, recruit close to 400 new
families into Scouting.  Not only are you part of the Boy Scouts here locally, but nationally as well.  You are now part of the largest youth organization in America. We have over a million volunteer leaders; some are brand new and some have been around for a long time. 
 Whether new or seasoned in Scouting, we all envision our Scout learning about citizenship, fitness, leadership, good values and morals.  Scouting is all of those things and much more.  Our Scouts envision shooting BB guns, archery, swimming, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and the pinewood derby.  Those concepts are interwoven into the fabric of the Boy Scout and Cub Scout program.  Scouting is more than just another activity for your son.  Scouting is a year-round program.  Your son can receive credit in Scouting for many of the activities he is already doing .  We want your boys to have success and be rewarded for the good things they are doing and working on.  Boys love to get recognition for their accomplishments.  They don’t want to wait to receive recognition nor should we make them wait.  We believe in immediate recognition.  Every Tiger, Wolf, or Bear den meeting should conclude with a recognition program to award the beads the boys have earned for either that meeting or that week.  Once a month, a Boy Scout Troop or Cub Scout Pack conducts an awards ceremony (Pack Meeting for Cub Scouts and Court of Honor for Boy Scouts) to recognize any big accomplishments the boys have earned during the past month.  Boys are highly competitive, so they want to be the best and earn something every awards ceremony.   Our goal in the De Soto Area Council is to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to your son….to have a fantastic time in the Scouting program and to do a lot of fun and cool things while building leadership skills, solid character, and morals.


We all love opening mail and seeing a card that says “You’re Invited!”  If your son’s friends aren’t involved yet, invite them to your next meeting. Let them know that they are invited!  We want all boys in the community to know they are invited.  Did you know there is a badge for recruiting another boy into Scouting?  There is one, so make sure you tell your volunteer leader about that too. 

Camp, Camp, Camp

The De Soto Area Council would like to thank all campers, volunteers, and staff that made this camping season one to remember. The De Soto Area Council would like constructive feedback on what went right, what went wrong, and how we can improve camp for the years to come. All feed back can be emailed to hughwildebragg@yahoo.com or you can call (870) 918-0659. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Journey to Excellence

We want to inform you of the new performance recognition program called ―Scouting’s Journey to Excellence‖ that replaces the Centennial Quality recognition program. As with any new initiative, the importance of timely communication and training is crucial to proper implementation. Copies of the ―Scouting’s Journey to Excellence‖ recognition forms have been emailed to each registered unit leader. If you would like a copy, please let Sylvia Wray know.

Important Changes to the Boy Scouts of America’s Youth Protection Training Policies

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America announced important changes to its Youth Protection policies. The purpose of these changes is to increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist today in Scouting.


Youth Protection Training is required for all registered volunteers regardless of their position in Scouting.

New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training before they submit their application for registration. The printed certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time as an application is submitted and must be done before volunteer service with youth begins.

Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years.
If a volunteer's Youth Protection Training record is not current at charter renewal time, the volunteer will not be re-registered.

Go to http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection/QA.aspx to view answers to some of the questions we have received about these important changes.

To find out more about the Youth Protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America and how to help Scouting keep your family safe, see the Parent’s Guide in any of the Cub Scouting or Boy Scouting handbooks, or go to    http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection.aspx.


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