When people think about Scouting, chances are they think about kids, not dollars.

For a council, a healthy endowment is critical for providing a steady source of funding for a variety of purposes, including day-to-day operating expenses, hiring additional staff, and financing improvements to camp facilities. Endowment can also serve as a rainy-day fund to help a council weather tough economic times without having to cut back on services to youth.

To assist local councils in their efforts to build stronger endowments, the National Council launched a nationally coordinated endowment campaign in 1993.

Thanks to the campaign, endowment growth has been fostered through the James E. West Fellowship, The 1910 Society, and the Founders Circle Award, which provide recognition for those who make significant contributions.

Serving more youth is the ultimate goal.

If you would like to learn more about or contribute to the Endowment fund in the De Soto Area Council, please contact Ted Woodlock, Scout Executive.  You can email him using the link below.

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