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Popcorn Kickoff

Join us for the popcorn kickoff of the 2018 popcorn sale.  Learn about some of the best methods for maximizing your units sale this year.

You can download the popcorn packet below.

The calendar for this year is the following:


  • Show-n-Sell Popcorn Orders Due                                  August 9th
  • Popcorn training for Unit Popcorn Kernels                    August 9th
  • Take Order Sale begins                                                   August 9th
  • Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn pickup           August 15th
  • Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Sale Begins   August 15th
  • Sale Ends                                                                    October 28th
  • Last day to return Show-n-Sell Popcorn                   October 29th
  • All Popcorn Money Due  (1 Check minus commission made out to DAC)         October 29th    
  • Take Orders are Due (Can be submitted online)        October 29th    
    • Take Order Popcorn Pickup                                        November 14th - 15th
  • Scouts deliver popcorn to customers                         Nov. 17th - Dec. 8th
  • Scout prize form done online                                      December 8th
Later Event: August 10
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