Thank you!

Over the past two weekends, our council has hosted two great events at our beautiful Camp De Soto.  The first was Winter Camp for Boy Scouts and Arrow of Light Scouts followed by this past weekend's Cub Scout Klondike Derby.  We had awesome weather for both events which allowed our scheduled programs to take place as planned.  Between both events we had nearly 300!  

We need to thank a few people for helping get these events planned and carried out.  Forgive us if we miss someone!  There are a lot people involved with these events.  Candy Phillips, our council Vice President of Program, led both teams and provided direction and support.  Angela Stratton worked with Candy in the overall planning along with helping organize and lead some of the programs and onsite registration.  Amy Smith helped wherever help was needed!  Michael Stratton did the same and does so for almost all of our events.  Tayna Vines and Scott O'Hara both cooked and it was goooood food!  No one went hungry.  Thank you to all the others who helped with all the different events and activities.  Lastly, a thank to you Sylvia Wray, Tyler Turner and Hugh Bragg for their support of the team of volunteers who organized these to events.  

Soon it will be time for a couple more events followed up with Day Camp, Boy Scout Camp and Webelos Resident Camp.  We will have information on all those activities soon!  Make sure to sign up for the eNewsletter and check our website for more information.

One last thank, thank you to the parents who are allowing the De Soto Area Council and all it's volunteers to be a part of your child's life.  We believe that Scouting can have a tremendously positive impact on the life of those who are a part of our program.  Thank you all for choosing Scouting!

Ted Woodlock