2017 Popcorn Sale Announcement

After gathering information from the three popcorn vendors that work with local Scout councils, we have decided that the best option for the De Soto Area Council in 2017 is to work with Trails End Popcorn.

The proposal that was presented to the council highlighted a lot of additional support for our Scouts and units to succeed.  Trails End was the first popcorn vendor to work local councils in the early 1980's.  Since then they have helped a great number of councils earn funds to support local Scouting programs and local councils.

A couple of  benefits that our Scouts will receive include ability for Scouts to earn scholarship funds once they sell $2,500 and online training courses to help better train them in successful sale techniques which also includes some course for leaders and parents as well.  For those who are interested they have a digital order form that can be used by Scout as well that will allow Scouts to take credit card orders.

More information will be coming in the new future as we begin the planning process for a successful sale!  

Other areas that are being reviewed include our commission structure to help units earn more and the prize program.  If you would like to provide feedback on either of these topics click use the form below to share your thoughts.  We are looking forward to providing our Scouts and units the best opportunities to allow the greatest success.

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Ted Woodlock