Youth Protection Training

As units are finishing their recharters one of the final tasks is making sure that all unit leadership has completed their Youth Protection Training.  

Youth Protection Begins with You.

Youth Protection begins with you.  If you haven't yet taken youth protection please take a moment to complete in the next few days.  As of the writing of this article our council Youth Protection Training completion percentage is only 52.8%. Of those aren't currently trained, 26.2% have never taken Youth Protection Training.  

Youth Protection by Adult Leaders

This chart shows the percentage of leaders who have taken, not taken and who's training has expired.

Our council has a goal to improve in this very important and critical area.  As parents and leaders we need to be mindful of signs of abuse of the youth in our communities. 

Go to to take the training today!  If you don't have an account at, set one up.  If you have any questions please contact the Scout Service Center at 870-863-5166 or use our contact forms to contact one of the staff to help you.

For additional information about Youth Protection Training, visit

Ted Woodlock