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Popcorn Sale

The 2017 Popcorn Sale is a great way to fund your unit's program year and help families not have to pay out of pocket for their sons to be in Scouting.  More information will be added to this page on a regular basis between now and when the sale kickoffs on August 3rd.  

What do you need to do now?

Complete either the online form at Trail's End to set up your unit's account or complete and submit the paper version that is also available.

For units who sign up by Friday, June 16th, they will receive a free drone for their unit. Our recommendation for it's use is to use to recognize a top seller in your pack or troop.  Your pack or troop may have a blitz day where the Scouts go door to door and you could use this as a recognition for the top seller of the day.  You could also use it to recognize the top seller in the pack or troop for the entire sale.  We providing to your pack or troop to help you recognize a Scout who has worked hard to earn their way in Scouting.

The Schedule

Below is the schedule for this year's popcorn sale.  It is very similar to last year's sale.  

  • May 2nd - Popcorn ”Meet & Greet” for Unit Popcorn Kernels
  • June 16th - Commit to Sell Form Submitted or Completed Online to received a free drone.                
  • August 3rd - Popcorn Training                                  
  • August 3rd - Take Order Sale begins                                 
  • August 16th - Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn pickup                     
  • August 16th - Show-n-Sell or Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Sale Begins                 
  • October 27th - Sale Ends                                         
  • October 28th - Last day to return Show-n-Sell Popcorn                         
  • October 30th -Take Orders are Due (Can be submitted online)                                                             
  • November 15th - 16th - Take Order Popcorn Pickup                             
  • Nov. 17th - Dec. 8th - Scouts deliver popcorn to customers                         
  • December 9th - Scout prize form done online                             
  • December 9th - All Popcorn Money Due (1 Check minus commission made out to DAC)                     

Check out www.trails-end.com for more information!

More information will be available soon!