Rechartering is upon us!  This page will provide resources to help you complete your rechartering correct and on time.

All recharters are due by January 31st.  There's nothing wrong with turning it in early!

Internet Rechartering

The Internet Rechartering system has gone through some upgrades that should help everyone complete the process of rechartering.  The system will allow you to pay online if you the unit wishes to do so.  Please check out the presentation below to learn about all the new changes to the system.

Click here or below to begin your Internet Rechartering process. This is best way to complete your rechartering!  You can update all the contact information for all the members of your unit. You can update leader positions.  You can promote Scouts to the next program level along with many other rechartering tasks.  

If you have never used Internet Rechartering here's a tutorial to help you get started.  We've also included a link to the Frequently Asked Question section as well.

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As you progress through the rechartering process we know that you may need resources to help you complete the process.  

Here's where you can find what you may need:  Forms and Other Resources 

Need a copy of your Journey to Excellence form?  JTE Forms